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Infinity Studio is redefining how we think about sustainability and resilience in the geotech engineering space.

About Infinity Studio

Infinity Studio is an AI platform designed for Engineers, Scientists, and Advisors to digitally integrate and collaborate with their tools, designs and datasets.

We are a dynamic team located in Auckland, New Zealand, that was founded in February 2023. Our team is composed of an experienced group of engineers and technologists who share a common goal of revolutionizing the field of civil engineering.

We are committed to exploring new and innovative ways to enhance existing processes and to create a better future with the industry.


What we offer

The Apeiron Engineering Studio accelerates geotechnical model design, and includes automated assessment tools for the built and natural environment powered by AI & Machine Learning.

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Athena helps organisations respond to disasters.
It's built to accelerate how organisations respond to disasters, and to calculate the potential impact of future events.

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