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Apeiron is an AI/ML enabled platform designed for Geotechnical and Environmental Engineers & Scientists which digitally integrates and automates the modelling design and assessment tools for the built and natural environment.

Apeiron utilises large datasets unlocking both powerful productivity gains and allows more advanced, less conservative design tools powered by cloud based high performance computing.

The platform enables optimisation of material usage in construction, resulting in reduced environmental footprint and improved sustainability of new developments.

Apeiron provides a full suite of digital field data collection, construction monitoring observations, IOT instrumentation and remote sensing which are linked directly back to the modelling design and assessment tools. These tools enable real time evaluation of the performance during construction, reducing construction risk and enabling real time optimisation.

The prediction data underpinning the AI/ML modelling design and assessment tools will increase every time Apeiron is used and similarly the performance observations will increase whenever Apeiron is used during construction. This exponential increase in prediction and observation data will feed the AI/ML increasing the fidelity of the modelling design and assessment tools, creating a continuous unending improvement loop.

Our Products


Athena is a digital platform for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Disaster Response (DR) designed for the built and natural environment.

It is underpinned by data and powered by AI/ML. It is designed for engineers, scientists and the insurance sector to provide digitally enabled emergency disaster response, damage assessment, insurance settlement and recovery.

It seeks to shorten the response, assessment and recovery time frames following a disaster, giving real time access to data and provides for a data driven and informed recovery.

The digital data collected from the disasters informs the disaster risk reduction tools used to manage risk including risk avoidance, risk control (mitigation through design), risk transfer (insurance) and risk acceptance.

These tools will be available on a cloud platform and can be used by engineers, scientists and planners to inform policy and planning, land use, regulatory and design standards and setting design performance requirements for new construction projects. The tools on these platforms will be used by insurers, reinsurers, banks, and investors to better manage their risks and exposures.

With climate change firmly gripping the world, it is exacerbating the frequency and impact of natural hazards on the built and natural environment.

Athena helps by enabling faster, smarter recoveries and the enablement of better risk treatment, improving the resilience and adaptation capability of communities.